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F Facades

Facade elements from BB fiberbeton come in many shapes and sizes, from small cassettes to large full storey-height. The largest elements we have produced to date have been 20 square metres.

Typically facades are produced with one of the following mounting solutions:
- FA1000™
- Stud-frames
- Embedded steel brackets
- Embedded inserts

FA1000™ is a unique facade and installation system offering a range of options. FA1000™ was developed by BB fiberbeton AS and is currently in use on many facades in Denmark and Sweden.

FA1000™ is used as a climate screen for lightweight facade constructions, and is adapted to each facade project. FA1000™ is easy to install and with elements adapted to individual facades, helps give the facade a clean, harmonious appearance with hidden fastenings. Facades - a range of options, including the surface. Plenty of choice for colour, surface structure, painting or actual patterns.
Facade, FA1000, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

See more on FA1000™ here.

Other facade solutions
Most of our other facade solutions use the material's options for installation without visible screws, with the minimum of additions and other loose parts. The finished result can thus appear solid, and requires the minimum of maintenance.

Facade elements are usually fitted as climate screens with vented back side. The actual method of installation varies according to element size and the nature of the supporting construction behind. Brackets are embedded in small elements to hang them in the same way as a radiator on a wall. A supporting steel frame is embedded in larger elements that can take the weight where possible.

Stud-frame - BB fiberbeton - GFRC - Facade

Vertical joints are often in the form of traditional element solutions, using expanding foam tape etc. or an overlap. Horizontal joints are typically vented so that underlying elements fit under the overhanging element.

All our technical solutions are thoroughly tested. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Facade - BB fiberbeton - GFRC - fiber concrete - Flundran

Flundran, Malmö

Kristallen, BB fiberbeton, facade, GFRC, fiber concrete

Kristallen, Lund

Facade - BB fiberbeton - GFRC - fiber concrete

Navet, Göteborg

Metro, BB fiberbeton, fiber concrete, GFRC

Metrostationer, København

Ådalsparken, GFRC, BB fiberbeton, facade

Ådalsparken, Hørsholm

Frederikshavn, FA1000, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Senhjerneskadecenteret, Frederikshavn