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BB fiberbeton is a material with a wide range of uses.

To follow is an alphabetical list of ideas and options to use for inspirational purposes.

Please call us if you need something not on the list!



Balcony base

For lightweight structures, balconies and balcony gangways. Used as flooring, and with 27 mm, 60 kg per sq.m. is suitable for most uses.

Often with a non-slip surface for maximum usability.

Balcony bases can be supplied with a full range of accessories, including drip profiles, upturned edges, falls and drains.

Altanbunde, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Balcony boxes

Balcony boxes usually have a 10 mm wall thickness, with free choice of cross-section. Balcony boxes can be made with curved surfaces.

They are mounted using penetrating screws or hanging brackets. Long edges are folded inwards for rigitdity.

Altanbunde, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Balcony parapets

Balcony parapets are one of our major products. The material is ideal for this purpose. It does not burn, rot, bend, make any noise or rust when it rains.

Cross-section and dimensions according to the job. They often include a pattern in the surface. Usually with no visible fastenings.

Altanbrystninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Balcony partition walls

Balcony partition walls are smooth on both sides. Thickness from 20-40 mm, depending on span.

A stable solution for attachment on edges.

Altanskillevægge, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Balustrades are produced in solid BB fiberbeton. We have a number of forms in stock, or a well-preserved balustrade can be used as a model for a rubber form.

The latter are used to recreate old balustrades as exact copies. Balustrades are supplied with full length stainless steel wire for embedding.

Balustre, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Bathroom bases

Our elements ensure fast, easy installation, ensuring the integrity of the overall construction. Can be used for renovation and new-build projects.

Supplied with raised edges, partitions, fall lines, embedded installations and earthing net.

Badebunde, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Bay bases

Many towns have fine examples of artistic bases to bays. When renovating them, they are often erased or plastered over for cost-saving reasons.

We have been able to rescue such elegant details by reconstructing the base on-site using a rubber form to create the basis of an element - at low cost..

Karnapbunde, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Previously made of cast iron or sandstone. When renovating, the most economical solution is a bracket in BB fiberbeton.

Using 15-20 mm item thickness, a weight is obtained that is easy to handle and mount.

Konsoller, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Cable trays

Cable trays for special purposes. Typical length is 2 metres with a thickness of 10-12 mm give a product with low weight and easy to handle.

Lengths, corners, bends and cable carrying can be finalised using tools on-site.

Kabelbakker, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Canopies can be designed for use in a range of situations. As a thin screen over existing canopies, with over/under element on a bearing frame or as a self-supporting unit to be bolted onto a back wall.

Baldakiner, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Ensure renovation is started before the last examples disappear - a rubber form and recasting are a cheap way or retaining details.

Kapitæler, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Cladding elements

Permanent cladding elements are becoming more and more common. We have provided cladding for columns exposed to chlorine damage, with repairs executed as follows: Damaged concrete removed. Elements from BB fiberbeton AS fitted around the column and liquid concrete poured into the cavity.

SThe same principle is used for the renovation of parapet elements.

Forskallingselementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Ceiling panels

Ceiling elements with edge details, recesses for light fittings, ventilation, etc.

We have produced a range of solutions for suspended ceilings with spherical and other shapes.

Loftplader, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Containers for paper and glass

Developed in consultation with Rubæk & Co - who also sell our products.

The rectangular shape has many advantages and is a well-designed product.

Container, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Cornices are custom-produced, but are a product that is constantly in production. Call to discuss options for existing projects.

Item thickness is 10-20 mm and the elements stretch from top to bottom. Dimensions from very small to 2.5 metres high. Joints are executed either with lugs or interlocking lips. Corner elements are supplied as prefabricated units. Cornices in BB fiberbeton appear as prefabricated elements.

Gesimser, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Cycle canopies

Cycle canopies and other self-supporting items are ideal for BB fiberbeton.

The round shapes and opportunities for 3-dimensional surfaces provide a wide range of design options.

Cykeloverdækninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Door rebates

Elements and profiles for the protection and decoration of door rebates. Often used for building in ornaments, designs, logos, etc.

These elements make use of the extreme toughness and resistance of the material to vandalism.

Dørfalse, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Facade decoration (friezes)

Details for facade decoration are either implemented according to drawings or models supplied, which can be of an existing design.

The use of rubber forms makes it unnecessary to worry about release from the form. Installation depends on location.

Facadeudsmykning (friser), BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Facade elements

We have completed a large number of projects for facade cladding, for both new-build and renovation. We have developed a set of fastenings for individual projects. The common denominator for all our solutions is invisible fastenings, which means the finished product has a cohesive appearance.

Typical solutions are cassette elements with lining and ventilated joints. The formability of the material and its properties are used in full in facades in general: It does not bend, make any noise etc. Colouring and paint finish are other options which can be made full use of.

Facadeelementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Fake chimneys

Fake chimneys are a product produced in 10-12 mm item thickness to order.

The external surface can be rendered. Quick, easy erection and low weight make this a popular product for renovation projects.

Skorstensatrapper, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Fascia panels

This vulnerable place in the building can often be dealt with neatly by covering with BB fiberbeton profiles.

We have undertaken many projects for which our cornices are slid over fascia panels to produce a satisfactory solution.

Sternelementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Flat panels

We are rarely asked to produce flat panels in standard measurements - but we can comply. We often work with flat panels, where the high resistance of the material to impact is required.

Otherwise, our ability to apply designs and profiles to the product - often with regard to shape profiles around corners etc. is frequently called upon.

Planplader, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Flower troughs

Round, square, oval - any shape available.

We have no standard models, but produce many special models and have a lot of experience in the requirements a trough needs to fulfil in any given situation.

Blomsterkummer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Footing elements

We supply footing elements for special purposes.

Supplied with or without embedded insulation. BB fiberbeton material is designed and configured for soil pressure.

Sokkelelementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Gable end elements

Executed as cassettes with all elements made to measure.

Extensive freedom for choice of colour, design, insulation etc. Installation depends on cassette size.

Gavlelementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Garden benches

Garden benches are also something we have frequently produced, without ever entering into serial production. We have made a very wide range of exciting, creative solutions.

The advantages include maintenance-free surfaces, relatively low weight and high resistance to vandalism.

Havebænke, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Girder cladding

Exposed, bearing girders and beams are often in such poor condition in buildings that cladding is the only means of stopping further degradation.

Girder cladding comes in prefabricated units that can be fitted to the exterior without many joints or visible screws.

Dragerinddækninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Indoor cladding

Cladding of indoor structures and walls. Elements from BB fiberbeton are used where a special shape or look are required.

The material is well-suited to solutions with complete details.

Indvendig beklædning, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Light fittings for indoor and outdoor use.

The best results are achieved for large-scale installations.

Lamper, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Landing elements

Landing elements are the natural complement to our balcony and balcony gangway solutions and stand elements.

Reposeelementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Light boxes

Elements are made to measure, but the principles are the same: A wide flange connected to the building as closely as possible.

Edges and surfaces are reinforced in the actual construction using external frames. A drain hole can be cast in the base.

Lyskasser, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Masonry covers

A product for which we have many standard solutions. Profiles change from one job to the next, but the solutions are largely the same.It can be worthwhile checking what forms we are using for small volumes.

Covers with 10-12 mm item thickness are common, providing the opportunity for dry constructions. Elements can be joined using interlocking lips - a sound technical solution.

Murafdækninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Natural stone

Copies of natural stone can be produced.

Limestone surfaces or entire stone panels can be produced using rubber forms and coloured BB fiberbeton.

Natursten, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Noise wall elements

BB fiberbeton is used as an alternative to other non-transparent solutions (timber).

Noise walls in BB fiberbeton provide the unique opportunity to individualise the wall in terms of design, colour, pattern etc..

Støjafskærmningselementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


BB fiberbetonis ideal for ornaments and other decorative details.

The most economical solution is to involve us whilst it is still possible to make a rubber form of the original.

Ornamenter, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Pillar shutters

Pillar shutters are produced for new buildings to cover steel constructions, or for climate screens for renovation projects.

Pillars are often produced in BB fiberbetonand then clad in other materials, permitting clever technical solutions on these vulnerable structural elements.

Søjleskaller, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Decoration around entrances as a standalone unit or as profiles mounted on walls.

Portaler, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Our unique ability to shape and the pliability of the material are used for profiles for any purpose.

Negative slip is unnecessary - a 10-12 mm thick item can be rolled together in almost any configuration.

Profiler, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


We produced an aquaduct for LEGO's Legoland. A channel with walls at the ends over 12 metres long and just 40 mm thick.

Clever design means even the most specialised jobs can be successfully produced.

aQuadukt, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Railing elements

Railing elements are produced in principle as balcony parapet.

We have a wide range of standard solutions.

Rækværkselementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Secondary insulation elements

The area under ground floor windows is usually in need of maintenance and secondary insulation.

This is a highly competitive solution in the form of a cassette element, supplied with insulation and hung directly on brackets, avoiding visible screws.

Efterisoleringselementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


We produce a range of standard models, all with embedded cold bridge insulation. We also produce solid sills and "flat panels" with a curved edge, etc.

Just about any job within sills can be undertaken cost-effectively.

Sålbænke, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Round or square. The idea is to produce a finished article that forms the inner surface and holder for glass etc.

Fastening to roof structure according to job.

Ovenlys, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


We produced slides in the 80s to a design by Lars Thy.

Yet another example of the many ways of using BB fiberbeton.

Rutchebaner, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Stadium steps

We produced all the stairwells and the surfaces for the gangways on the stands of the Parken national stadium in Copenhagen.

Steps in BB fiberbeton are maintenance-free and highly resistant to vandalism, etc.

Tribunetrin, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete


Steps can often be made in 27 mm thickness for landing elements, balcony gangways etc.

The steps can be produced in a range of colours, surface finishes etc.

Trappetrin, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Ventilation screens

Ventilationafskærmninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

The more climate control there is in buildings, the more pipes that have to be concealed. And often in heavy materials to reduce noise.

Our profile elements are produced will all necessary holes in place.. We also produce assembly systems.

Window parapets

We make a lot of this type of element, particularly for renovation projects, and in many instances along with balcony renovations.

This is a financially-attractive solution that also creates cohesion without joints, loose elements and visible screws.

Vinduesbrystninger, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete

Window rebate elements

For renovation and new-build projects. We can make these as a form of frame, but side elements are often used in a single profile with varying over-elements to bring life to a facade.

Sills are often integrated into these solutions.

Vinduesfalselementer, BB fiberbeton, GFRC, fiber concrete