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BB fiberbetons natural colour is marble white. But it can be coloured, e.g. to resemble sandstone, various hues of grey or according to special requests.

Finally, BB fiberbeton can be painted with weather-resistant acrylic paint, and areas heavily exposed to the elements can be impregnated.

Design freedom

BB fiberbetons formability means plenty of opportunities for imaginative shapes. The elements can be sprayed in 3-dimensional or flat forms and then folded into several planes before they set. These methods can of course be combined.

Using rubber casts, BB fiberbeton can produce elements that reproduce ornamental architecture.


The glass fibre reinforcement means that BB fiberbeton is extremely durable. The significance of micro cracks is eliminated, avoiding water penetration and thus crumbling.

The effects of weather can neither change the colour nor surface texture.


BB fiberbeton satisfies the requirements for class A materials and can be produced in inflammable format.


BB fiberbeton requires no maintenance apart from occasional washing to remove pollution, such as soot.


BB fiberbeton has high tensile and bend strength. That makes the production of very large elements in thin dimensions possible. A steel frame is integrated into very large elements to provide rigidity.


BB fiberbeton elements can be made with smooth surfaces, with a concrete texture, sand-blasted, brushed, corrugated, in relief or imprinted.