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BB fiberbeton A/S is a family-owned business with more than 60 employees.

BB fiberbeton A/S  is an efficient, well-consolidated business - small enough for specialist jobs and big enough for large scale projects.

BB fiberbeton A/S was started as an experiment under the wings of a traditional concrete manufacturer.

In the mid-70s, the company's founder, Ole Brandt, became obsessed by the idea of building a yacht from sand, water, cement and fibre alone. In other words, without the use of steel reinforcement.


It took 8 years to realise his idea, but he collected considerable knowledge of how to combine fibre in cement-based materials.

We produced the first commercial projects in 1979 in the form of masonry cladding, balcony parapets etc. The material was new, and we were pushing the boundaries by producing prototypes of ash trays, dog kennels, rubbish containers, garden figures, optimist class boats etc. We worked with a range of fibres including glass, polypropylene, carbon and steel. And only a few years in found glass fibres to be the most pomising and interesting. Today we focus on GRC glass fiber reinforced concrete.

BB fiberbeton A/S built up a reputation for working with this new material and the customer base grew.

The production facilities at Lille Skensved grew rapidly from a small tenancy to owning the entire property, with a factory able to produce over 50,000 m2 thin shell fibre reinforced concrete elements per year. The neighbouring site was acquired in the early 90s and incorporated into a form shop with all the necessary machinery, making the company 100% self-sufficient for forms.


  • BB fiberbeton A/S is a member of Dansk Byggeri
  • BB fiberbeton A/S is a member of Danske Entreprenører
  • BB fiberbeton A/S is a Full Member of GRCA
  • BB fiberbeton A/S is a financially sound business, rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet
  • BB fiberbeton A/S draws in AutoCad 2018

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