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About BB fiberbeton A/S

BB fiberbeton A/S has specialised in production to order of thin-shell elements for buildings in Denmark and abroad since 1984.

BB fiberbeton is used wherever particular architectural or constructional benefits can be gained from the strength, lightness and formability of the material.

BB fiberbeton A/S is a family-owned, well-consolidated business with 40 employees - small enough for specialist jobs and big enough for large scale projects.

What is BB fiberbeton (GRC)

BB fiberbeton is glass fibre reinforced concrete.

BB fiberbeton is made of white cement and fine crushed dolomite reinforced with glass fibre.

The material is spray-cast to make thin-shell elements custom designed for the job.

The material and production method mean extensive architectural and structural freedom, whilst assembly is quick and simple.

BB fiberbeton A/S supports

BB fiberbeton - GFRC

BB fiberbeton - GFRC

BB fiberbeton - GFRC

A selection of projects

The work we do is wide-ranging. From large scale facade with BB fiberbeton-elements, balcony bases and parapet elements for large apartment blocks to small jobs, such as cornices and cladding or the reconstruction of crumbling bay windows and the like.

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